Too Good to Be True Facts [UNBELIEVABLE]

Too Good to Be True Facts [UNBELIEVABLE]

Welcome to the world of unbelievable facts that are either bizarre, strange of simply too good to be true. We have compiled a short list of such strange facts that will make you check the article twice. Feel free to let me know which one is your favorite.
Owl with the text too good to be true

Too Good To be True Facts


Octopus has 3 Hearts & 9 Brains

         Octopuses are the just the oceans friendly shape sifters. They can fit through tiny places, change colors and camouflage themselves. But what makes them really different from others is the that Octopus has 3 harts, 9 brains and blue blood.

Octopus under water too good to be true
 One of the nine brains controls the nervous system that act as a central brain and others operate to function the arms. There is a tiny brain placed in each of its eight arms, so they can operate independently and also together when needed.

Two of the three hearts work exclusively to pump blood around the Gills and the third one maintains blood circulation to the organs. Another fascinating fact is when Octopus swims their organ heart stops beating. Octopus blood is actually blue instead of red because their blood contains copper based chemical named CYANOGLOBIN. Amazing isn't it?

Snails Can Sleep Up-to 3 Years

           Humans are being fascinated with hibernation for quite a long time now. Every now and then we see news regarding scientists experimenting with equipment that will help humans to go to a hibernation state. But the interesting fact is hibernation is fairly common in the nature.

There are a handful of animals that practices hibernation on a regular basis. Snails are one of them. Snails can sleep in a hibernating state for almost 3 years.

It mainly goes to hibernation state on extreme weathers. If the weather is not suitable then it can hibernate itself for almost 3 years until the preferred weather returns. On winter, they withdraw into their shells and form a special kind of membrane to insulate themselves. On drought, they roll and bury themselves underground.

Cockroaches can Live Without its Head

           Ever wondered how would it feel to live without your head?? I know what you are thinking; you are thinking the author has gone crazy. But let me assure you that out nature can be truly amazing and terrifying at the same time. What if I tell you cockroaches can live up to 3 weeks without its head.

Cockroach on the list of too good to be true
 Cockroaches has open circulatory system as a result they do not need their mouth or head to breathe. Cockroaches breathe through little holes that are attached to each of its body segments. On the other hand cockroaches have low blood pressure resulting low blood loss.

If a headless cockroach die then it’s because of starvation or thirst. Combination of all these factors makes cockroaches really fascinating. All this helps them to survive up to 3 week without its head attached to its body.

 Ostrich's Eye is Bigger Than it's Brain

           The animal kingdom is full of weirdness & supervises if you look close enough. Among the weird animals one particularly weirder is Ostrich. With their long necks ostriches are the oddest due to some interesting characteristics.

Ostrich with open mouth
 Ostriches are the largest living bird on earth. They have amazing body shape specially made to run faster. They can run up to 70 km/h and sustain up to 50 km/h for longer period of time.

Ostrich have the bigger eyes than any other vertebrates that live on earth. In fact its eyes are bigger than its brain. The size of an ostrich’s eye is almost as big as a billiard ball. They take too much space in the skull that their brain is smaller than their eyeball.

 It Snows Metal in Planet Venus

          Ever wondered how inhospitable a planet can be?? If yes then you are in the right place to get your answer. You don’t need to look far, take a peak on our neighboring planet Venus.

Planet Venus with metal frost capping in the mountains
Planet Venus
The climate on Venus is so hot that it literally rains & snows metal. Still seems too good to be true? Well the facts are backed by a lot of scientist who claims to have observed metallic frost capping the planet's mountains.

Chocolate Cosmos 

          Chocolate cosmos are a rare breed of cosmos that has a chocolaty color and also smells like chocolate as well. The plants are native to Mexico. Though it looks like chocolate, it’s not edible because it can be poisonous for humans.

Chocolate Cosmos blooming
Chocolate Cosmos
The plant’s scientific name is cosmos atrosanguineus, commonly known as chocolate cosmos can be found in Mexico. The plant grows somewhere between 40 to 60cm tall. It needs a specific condition to grow to its full potential. Its grows well in a sunny place and well dry soil.

Ayam Cemani (Jet Black Chicken)

          Ayam Cemani is comparatively new breed of chicken originated in Java Indonesia. The chicken is popular because of its Jet black color both outside and inside as well. Seems too good to be true, right?

Ayam Cemani
They have a dominant gene that causes hyper pigmentation, making the chicken entirely black. It might sounds odd but not only their feathers but also their skin, meat even the organs are also black.

 They lays around 80 eggs per year. Ayam Cemani is also really costly if you want to own one for yourself. If you manage to find one then it might cost you around $200 to own this majestic creature.

Leopon (Hybride between Leopard & Lion)

          Nature is truly amazing; it never fails to amaze us. Though cross breeding is not so common in a natural state but it is mostly done in a captive state. Humans have been cross breeding between species for ages now. Between them, a rare hybrid is Leopon.

Leopon Hybride between Leopard & Lion
Leopon is the cross between a Leopard & Lion. Many of the breeds are raised in captivity. It was first introduced in 1955 when a staff at Koshien Hanshin thought why not cross breed between leopard and lion. Leopon can live up to 23 years; this is longer than a leopard or a lion.

Leopon can be seen with its own characteristics. As an example it can climb better than a lion & they are most likely to enjoy water unlike their parents. The Leopon has spots like a leopard but is similar in size to that of a lion. It is widely believed that the cross breeding cannot be possible in nature.


I know a lot of stuff mentioned above might be already known to you or maybe you have learned something new today. Whatever the case is, don't stop learning.

So, what do you think of the facts above? Are they really too good to be true, or they are ordinary facts for you? Please don't forget to comment your thought.
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